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These Lecture Notes are dedicated to the memory of Dr. Erwin Van den Enden, who passed away unexpectedly on May 5, 2013. The Illustrated Lecture Notes are Dr. Van den Enden's magnum opus. They form an invaluable body of reference for both students and practitioners of tropical medicine. Dr. Van den Enden spent decades on this project, expanding on the knowledge of his predecessors at the Institute of Tropical Medicine. His colleague and mentor, Dr. Jef Van den Ende, explains how Erwin enriched his life:

On May 5, 2013, our colleague Erwin Van den Enden was unexpectedly taken from us. Dr. Van den Enden was a corner stone and buttress of the Medical Services of the Institute of Tropical Medicine, Antwerp.

First and foremost, he was a homo doctus. He could engage in more than knowledgeable conversation about the Higgs particle, butterflies, crystals or even the Hubble telescope and distant galaxies. He pointed out to me one day that a medical doctor should read the 'Scientific American' too, to be truly deserving of the title "Doctor". I subscribed the same day.

As homo universalis he was a bicyclist and invested an enormous amount of time in raising his two sons and being a caring husband. He went on missions to Africa under dreadful conditions and took me by surprise once by - out of the blue - playing two magnificent pieces of jazz on my piano.

Above all we will remember him as a clinician and professor. He could thoroughly analyze clinical cases, study the publications and lead the team on a journey through biochemistry, physiopathology, pathology and the history of medicine, all based on one case.

As professor (he unfortunately never obtained the title because of a shift in focus from education to research at the end of the 20th century in most universities), he was unparalleled. He was a guest teacher in Amsterdam, at John Hopkins, in Lima and elsewhere, and could completely enthrall students with his lectures about tropical spiders and snakes - even those suffering from a serious hangover from the previous night.

"They don't make these kinds of people anymore," a student once said about him. Duly noted. Jef Van den Ende, ITM

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  1. Thanks ! Very usefull !!!!

  2. It's the most wonderful site for anyone trying to learn Tropical Medicine.

    Prof Van den Enden was absolutely a remarkable person.

    Once, I sent him a question about malaria, and he sent me the answer right away. I will never forget this.

    Thank you for keeping up this site.

    Shah N. Malik