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This edition of the Illustrated Lecture Notes on Tropical Medicine is a work with a very broad scope requiring the assistance of many people. We are grateful to the following persons for their generous help, contributions, comments and suggestions, either in the past or currently:

  1. Erwin Van den Enden, MD
  2. Alex Van den Daele, nursing staff and management
  3. Ann Stevens, MD
  4. Colonel Raymond Wouters, MD
  5. Emmanuel Bottieau, MD, PhD
  6. Soentjens Patrick, MD
  7. Jan Clerinx, MD
  8. Correwyn, San-Ho (Graphics/Technics)
  9. Jean Pierre Wenseleers (Graphics)
  10. Nico Van Aerde (Lay-out)
  11. Prof Lut Lynen, MD, PhD
  12. Prof Alfons Van Gompel, MD
  13. Prof Bob Colebunders, MD PhD
  14. Prof Bruno Gryseels, MD PhD
  15. Prof Herwig Leirs, PhD
  16. Prof Jef Van den Ende, MD PhD
  17. Vekemans Marc, MD
  18. Vlieghe Erica, MD
  19. Zolfo Maria, MD
  20. Ula Maniewski-Kelner, MD
  21. Chris Kenyon, MD, PhD
  22. Ralph Huits, MD
  23. Jan Kennis, PhD
  24. Prof Johan van Griensven, MD PhD
  25. Steven Van Den Broucke, MD
  26. Anja De Weggheleire, MD
  27. The Welcome Foundation, London (certain pictures)

In case of suggestions for or questions about these notes, please contact either Steven Van Den Broucke ( or Jan Kennis (

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